Friday, December 21, 2012

The love, compassion and heroism of teachers - Connecticut Post

The love, compassion and heroism of teachers - Connecticut Post:

"They are drawn to the profession first because they love to work with young children and teens, and second because they have a passion for learning and their subject area. The really good ones rush into the hallway in the high schools when there is a fight among students, so they can protect these kids they care about from getting injured. They sit beside a struggling young reader and give that student the confidence to plow forward by pointing out first a couple of things the child has done well, and second an area of focus where the child can stretch to gain skills. They share in the sorrows of their students by attending family funerals, share in the pride of their students' accomplishments by accepting a families' invitations to outside performances and community award ceremonies, and in some lucky instances even get to know their students in later years as adults when they appear at parent conference night standing at the door to the classroom with children of their own in tow."

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