Step 3--Next Steps

Although this is a political action, this is truly an educational moment.  We have been trained to help others understand complex ideas; we are experts!  Use your talents and your abilities to help others understand what's at stake here.
  • Write more letters!  Make phone calls.
  • Follow the information on this blog.  
  • Join the TEA Facebook Group
  • Follow the @CTeducators twitter account.
  • Share your ideas and information.
  • Become educated and fluent on the issues.
  • Read the articles and leave pro-teacher, pro-public education comments.  
  • Attend town hall meetings.
  • Spread the word in your building.  Help to educate other teachers.
  • Tell your non-teacher friends about the issue.
  • Look for the TEA & CEA announcements for ways to get involved.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
There is a fight at the capitol over the content of this bill, but there is an even greater fight in the public forum about education.  Please help to educate others about the truth of your classroom and your profession.

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